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Improve your curb appeal with landscaping | MJDs Property Solutions

Improve your curb appeal with lanscaping

Landscapring Curb Appeal | Southeast Wisconsin | MJDs Property Solutions

The “curb appeal” of your home involves more than a coat of paint or a new front door. And it’s not just for when you are selling your home, these days it’s important to have a nice-looking yard.

Looking to sell your home or just create a fresh look for the spring? A little curb appeal can go a long way. Most curb appeal projects can be quite simple and very affordable. In most cases, increasing your home’s curb appeal can be achieved by simply working with your existing landscape.

Get more curb appeal out of your existing landscaping.

Overgrown shrubs and perennials can really detract from the look of your yard. Remember when you first had those bushes planted? They looked so nice. Quite often we can easily bring back that fresh look by pruning shrubs or cutting back an overgrown perennials. If they are too large for the space and need to be removed we can often move them to another location in the yard or plant newer smaller plants and keep them pruned regularly.

Another option is to simply add some color to make a huge difference. Plant a different variety of annuals this year or choose different color combinations. Consider fresh mulch in your planting beds or switch to stone.

Update or install new landscaping.

Curb Appeal WIth Landscaping | Southeast Wisconsin | MJDs Property Solutions

If your brick walkways are uneven or your pavement is cracked just leveling the surface can make a big difference in the curb appeal of your home. Increasing the size of your planting beds and adding new annuals or colorful shrubbery is a fairly cost-effective solution as well. You may even consider creating a new sitting area or installing a fountain or other water feature. You can add height and visual appeal with colorful hanging baskets and planters.

Update your curb appeal every year.

MJD’s Property Solutions has repeat customers each spring who request a curb appeal enhancement. With a little trust and flexibility, we can provide a new look each and every season! Contact us for a quote today.