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Lawn Fertilization

A fertilization program is important to keeping your lawn and landscape looking lush and healthy all season long. We have developed a three-step plan designed specifically for lawns in Wisconsin to keep them green and growing.

Three Step Application Lawn ProgramPost Back Yard

The fertilizer used in MJD’s Property Solutions three step program is a special blend recommended by our supplier to fit the needs of each customer. We consider all of our fertilizer to be of high quality and very dependable. Our fertilizer blends are slow release products, which feed the lawn for approximately ten to twelve weeks after each application.

This is a base plan. Specifications can be made as per request of each customer.

The Spring Application

Timing: Early April, depending on weather conditions. This granular fertilizer is a “pre-emergent,” to prevent the growth broad leaves, such as  crabgrass. This will also help prevent the germination of weeds early in the season.  This blend is high in Nitrogen to enhance crown growth.

A weed control application will follow shortly after.

It will take approximately  7 – 14 days for the chemical to take and begin elimination of weeds.

The Summer ApplicationPost Yard

Timing: Early July, depending on weather conditions.

This granular fertilizer is formulated to help lawn growth continue, while withstanding the high summer temperatures.

It will be followed by another weed control treatment.

A brief waiting period may again be necessary to gain complete control of weeds.

The Fall Application

Timing: September/October, depending on weather conditions.

This granular fertilizer is a “winterizer,” formulated to aide in proper root growth.  It will also help the lawn withstand winter conditions.

This will be followed by a final weed control application.

Additional Fertilization Services Available

Landscape Bed Treatments: This application removes unwanted weeds from your mulch or stoned beds.

Tree & Shrub Direct Fertilization: This application provides for nutrients to be injected into the ground near the tree and plants drip line, provided for enhanced growth and health for your trees and shrubs.